New Stores

We are live and able to take orders on our new E-commerce store. The regular checkout function will not be available for a few more days while we wait for bank confirmation. In the meantime, you can make purchases using the PayPal checkout option.

We are also getting ready to open a brick and mortar store where you can come try out instruments. At first this will be by appointment only.


_worked on website
_migrated data to new CAM system
_set up CAD model of bass for rendering
~17 hours spent at workshop

Exploring new textures and surface finishes in software.161


_applied to speak at Denver TedX (Nov 11)
_applied for a booth at Denver Maker Faire (Oct 14 & 15)
_applied to make acoustic Tractor beam for Denver Decomp (Sept 30)
_met with sponsored musician to take measurements from favorite guitar
_wrote history for
_went to see Cloudless Rain perform with the Terminals
~16 hours spent at workshop

Cloudless rain performing with a virtual reality musical instrument.


milled resin pour test for textural depth
redesigned neck junction for bass
CAD/CAM work for bass neck lamination
met with potential business partner
collaborated on business plan
conference call with record company representative
13+ hours spent at workshop

after the first resin test, we mixed the leftover resin with shredded paper to see how light passes through.