Praxis Guitars was founded in 2011 to explore innovative guitar designs and methods for building affordable custom instruments.

Praxis Guitars founder Andrew Benson is a luthier and engineer whom holds the artistic journey and musical destination in mind. From the start, Benson pursued to ensure there are were no guitars like Praxis signature designs out there on the consumer market. Moving forward under this vision, Praxis would come to offer contemporary designed guitars and other limited string instruments such as the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, banjo, ukulele, even the OUD while also expanding out into new worlds of hybrid guitar-samplers, synthesizers, and play control methods! Praxis brings a new edge and flavor to the musical scene with our innovative instrument designs and application based integration for aspiring and professional musicians and guitarists. Aside from our state of the art innovations for instruments, we also bring to the table many accessories to help artists and music enthusiasts of all levels further enjoy and develop their own style and skill. We’re based in Denver Colorado and will be happy to manufacture your new guitar or even new instrument of tomorrow. Contact us today with any inquiries or to line up your new custom guitar now!