Status Update

Incredible thanks go out to everyone who showed up last night for the showcase. Now that that is done, we will be focusing on updating this website. Pictures and video from the event are forthcoming, and we are working on a complete overhaul for the website. For orders and questions, please email info@praxisguitars or call (720) 295 6777.


Music Technology Showcase

April-PosterCome participate in our Music Technology Showcase at The Fusion Factory!

Demos and discussion about new and radical musical instruments and tools from Praxis Guitars and Chris Mandel (Cloudless Rain).

There will be opportunities to interact with the inventors/engineers as well as live performances featuring the new instruments/tools.

Presentations start at 7:00. Our first exhibition will feature a demo of Siren, by Cloudless Rain. Siren is a software-based electronic semi-random music generator which spontaneously creates endless variations of music based on simple user direction. Discussion topics will included the use of random number generators for composition, modular programming, and robot apocalypse.

The second presentation will feature the open source guitars made by Praxis Guitars. These guitar prototypes bring new engineering ideas to further the scope of possibilities for guitarists and use open source hardware and software to unlock new potentials for the future of human – instrument development.

Rendered Evolution

Sketches from the past.

Zero Two Cancelled

The Zero Two guitar design has been cancelled. The design was started in January 2012, and was essentially a slight modification of the Zero One design with a parametric neck generator and consolidated electronics cartridges. It was decided that the modifications made, and the design that was released, were not enough to warrant a new guitar family. The files for the first design will stay up on the sourceforge page. Eventually we will release a new Zero Two (b) that takes the concept down a new path.second-thought