Rendered Evolution

Sketches from the past.

Zero Two Cancelled

The Zero Two guitar design has been cancelled. The design was started in January 2012, and was essentially a slight modification of the Zero One design with a parametric neck generator and consolidated electronics cartridges. It was decided that the modifications made, and the design that was released, were not enough to warrant a new guitar family. The files for the first design will stay up on the sourceforge page. Eventually we will release a new Zero Two (b) that takes the concept down a new path.second-thought

Jack Daniel’s Might Help.

Praxis Guitars is trying to build a factory!
After working for several years on the machines available at Club Workshop, We here at Praxis Guitars are again trying to raise money to afford all of the machines necessary to fabricate our guitars.
Recently, an opportunity for both a project and a new business avenue opened up. We have recently submitted an entry to the “Independance Project” put forth by Jack Daniel’s and Instructables. With the prize money, we could build a mobile digital guitar factory and recording studio, and then travel the world building guitars.

You can find the video submission at the instructables website here.