Parametric Marabunta 6 String Bass


6 String custom bass made with the Marabunta parametric instrument generator.

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This is for a custom 6 string bass from the first production batch of the Marabunta parametric instrument generator.

This instrument batch features 100+ control variables. You will work with the system’s architect to make sure that each variable fits your preference.

There is an example of the design form used to generate the instrument here.

You will be sent a 3d model (as illustrated below) of your instrument for approval within 24 hours of submitting your design.

You must approve your final design before April 1st to be included in the batch.

If you do not submit your design before the production begin date, you may be refunded your purchase price or it can be credited towards the next batch.

Your choice of scale length(s) is included in the price. You can choose your neck width, depth, and profile.

The price includes up to 4 pickup coils wound and wired to your specification.

Also included is a commemorative adjustable strap with strap locks.

The price does not include a case. You will have a number of cases to choose from when your guitar is finished. Cases are required for shipped instruments.


This batch has an expected completion date of no later than May 15th.

Taxes, Shipping and Handling will be billed when the instrument is ready to deliver.

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