Praxis Can be thought of as the origin of the term “practice”.

In Ancient Greek the word praxis (πρᾶξις) referred to activity engaged in by free people.

Praxis is “doing something, and then only afterwards, finding out why you did it”.
– Tony Wilson

In medicine, Praxis is the ability to perform voluntary skilled movements (such as playing a musical instrument).

Some text in this description is taken from the Wikipedia page for Praxis.

Praxis may be described as a form of critical thinking and comprises the combination of reflection and action. Praxis can be viewed as a progression of cognitive and physical actions:

  • Taking the action
  • Considering the impacts of the action
  • Analysing the results of the action by reflecting upon it
  • Altering and revising conceptions and planning following reflection
  • Implementing these plans in further actions

Praxis Guitars was founded upon the concept of open source guitars that can be fabricated on common robots and 3d printers.

The first iteration was released to sourceforge.
The second iteration was released to github.
The third iteration is being documented on hackaday.

Praxis Q1 2016
Praxis Q3 2014
Praxis Q2 2011