Marabunta is a parametric stringed instrument generator. With this system, you can design your guitar from a computer, pick the materials and parts, and then a team of robots and luthiers will build it for you. It can be smaller than a mandolin or bigger than a bass, with a neck that fits your hands.


Marabunta is an experiment in automating the customization process. The entire process for designing and building the instruments has been tested, but there are still some revisions to the process that need to me made. We are offering the instrument for sale in batches to reduce the time costs for each instrument. Instruments from the first batch can be ordered here.


The original name for this project was the hornet. After realizing that a “hornet bass” was in production by another company, we changed the name to avoid confusion. The new name was inspired by a public domain photograph:

MARABUNTA: A colloquial term for wasps in the family Pompilidae.

Marabunta is currently available for sale in it’s 1st production run:

If you are interested in building a Marabunta instrument, you can find documentation on the page.
Marabunta uses the bridge compensation calculator by R.M. Mottola.

Layout Test 6 String Marabunta CNC (2) by praxism on Sketchfab