Praxis Zero

The Praxis Zero is a modular framework that allows different components to easily come together to form a functional instrument. The core of the Praxis Zero mk2 is a metal frame that provides a standard attachment system for parts & accessories.

The frame & neck form a structurally cohesive unit that is capable of resolving all string tension. The tuning fork mechanism embedded in the neck was invented to create a solid mechanical joint. The primary action of the tuning fork is to alter the compression of the neck against the frame through adjustable bolts. The tuning fork can alter both the sustain of the instrument, as well as the alignment of the strings.

The electromagnetic pickups for the Zero Two mk2 fit on a swappable cartridge. By changing cartridges, the sound of the instrument can be drastically altered. The instrument offered for the source code release sale features dual humbuckers controlled via a 5 way selector switch. The cartridge interface was designed so that new cartridges can be easily 3d printed or fabricated out of sheet metal.

The Mantis style of body is eye catching, lightweight & ergonomic. A single strap point near the instrument’s center of gravity allows the guitar to naturally hang at a comfortable playing angle. The single point strap also gives the guitar the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees for enhanced expression capabilities.