Pompilidae Day!

We are working on a new parametric instrument generator called “Marabunta”. This is the continuation of the hornet; but it turns out someone already has a hornet bass on the market, so we went with the name “Marabunta” to avoid confusion.

Marabunta is being entered into the 2018 Hackaday Prize, and you can follow along here.

New Stores

We are live and able to take orders on our new E-commerce store. The regular checkout function will not be available for a few more days while we wait for bank confirmation. In the meantime, you can make purchases using the PayPal checkout option.

We are also getting ready to open a brick and mortar store where you can come try out instruments. At first this will be by appointment only.


_worked on website
_migrated data to new CAM system
_set up CAD model of bass for rendering
~17 hours spent at workshop

Exploring new textures and surface finishes in software.161