_applied to speak at Denver TedX (Nov 11) _applied for a booth at Denver Maker Faire (Oct 14 & 15) _applied to make acoustic Tractor beam for Denver Decomp (Sept 30) _met with sponsored musician to take measurements from favorite guitar _wrote history for...


milled resin pour test for textural depth redesigned neck junction for bass CAD/CAM work for bass neck lamination met with potential business partner collaborated on business plan conference call with record company representative 13+ hours spent at workshop...


cleaned work computer set up meeting with recording executive went to sponsored band’s house party concert 3 hours spent at workshop


met landlord to discuss potential storefront space cleaned and organized office set up midi control for drum kit, had latency issues 45 minute 3 person jam session in workshop rebuilt x axis drive reduction fixed post processor ran first code from new CAM software cut...


met with two clients to discuss outstanding instrument orders cleaned and organized office resin pour test for fiber optics/illuminated fretboards resin pour for textural depth 7 hours spent at workshop

Phase 2

We have begun phase 2 of Praxis Guitars. Stay tuned for more information.