This is a chronological archive of every instrument made by praxis guitars.

Q4.2009 | unnamed prototype #0_P.u.0.0

-first attempts at running CNC
(status: destroyed?)

Q2.2010 | unnamed prototype # 1_P.u.0.1

-first solid wood guitar, first attempts at fretting
(status: destroyed?)

Q3.2010 | unnamed prototype #2_P.u.0.2

-first playable prototype, first attempt at on-board digital systems, first attempt at painting circuits, first illuminated guitar
(status: sold)

Q3.2010 | unnamed zero prototype #3_P.z.0.0

-first guitar with the “mantis” body shape, first cave scallops, first welded aluminum frame
-error in calibration=carved neck too thin
-welded frame broke
(status: available)

Q4.2010 | unnamed zero prototype #4_P.z.0.1

-first comfortable neck
-welded frame broke
-control cavity too small
(status: available)

Q4.2010 | unnamed Zero prototype #5_P.z.0.2

-first fully wired prototype, first independent frame
(status: unsold, hanging in a bar)

Q1.2011 | unnamed Zero Prototype #6_P.z.0.3

-first bolted frame, first concept prototype, first attempt at CNC cutting a book, first Praxis Zero to not feature the Mantis body style
(status: available)

Q1.2011 | unnamed Zero Prototype #7_P.z.0.4

-first aluminum keel
(status: on hold)

Q2.2011 | Praxis Zero mk1  “Liz” #8_P.z.1.0

-first tuning fork system, first guitar to get a name
-traveled to first out of state event
(status: on loan)

Q3.2011 | Praxis Zero mk1″Alma” #9_P.z.1.1

-first guitar sold, first attempt at repeating code=had to rewrite all code
(status: sold)

Q3.2011 | Praxis Zero mk1 “Erika” #10_P.z.1.2

-first code repeat, first hand carved bridge
(status: sold)

Q4.2011 | Praxis Zero mk1 “Roxy” #11_P.z.1.3

-first non-wood composites, first laser engraved instrument, first bamboo neck, first stepped neck profile
(status: sold)

Q2,2012 | experimental prototype “Tiger Banjo” #12_P.x.0.0

-first nylon string guitar with banjo bridge
(status: gifted as wall art)

Q3.2013 | experimental prototype “Kimura Gumo” #13_P.x.0.1

-first hand carved instrument, first attempt at fpga controls, first networked guitar, first midi guitar, first guitar to surf the web
(status: under development)

Q3.2014 | Shadow Harvester “Vagrant” #14_P.s.0.1

-first with body style, first shadow harvester, first vibrato bar (trem), first bolt on neck, first kill switch, first guitar cut on new CNC
-body was not cut well, clunky
(status: donated)

Q4.2014 | unnamed Praxis Zero mk2 #15_P.z.2.0

-first modular electronics cartridge, first  zero, first parametric geometry source, first guitar to break a neck (repaired successfully)
(status: gifted)

Q1.2015 | unnamed shadow harvester #16_P.s.0.1

-first major repair, first body paint promotion, first experience with floating vibrato, first painted guitar, first guitar sold on
(status: sold)

Q2.2015 | unnamed Praxis Zero mk2 #17_P.z.2.1

-first spinning strap holder, first guitar to have full geometry uploaded and licensed open source
(status: sold)

Q3.2016 | unnamed hornet #18_P.h.0.0

-first of “Hornet” body shape, Marabunta precursor, first multi-scale guitar, first set neck, first retrofit of 2nd pickup, first scratch built bridge
(status: sold)

Q1.2017 | unnamed Noise Lab #19_P.n.0.0

-first non-stringed instrument, first scrap instrument, first dual contact mic setup
(status: sold)

Q3.2017 | acoustic levitation device #20_P.n.0.1

-first functional acoustic levitation device
(status: available)

Q1.2018 | acoustic levitation laser vaporizer #21_P.n.0.2

-first acoustic levitation laser vaporizer, first patent pending
(status: available)

Q1.2018 | unnamed marabunta mandocello  #22_P.m.0.1

-first non-stringed instrument, first scrap instrument, first dual contact mic setup
(status: sold)

Q2.2018 | unnamed marabunta bass  #23_P.m.0.2

-first bass since incorporation, first compression nut
(status: sold)

Q2.2018 | unnamed marabunta mandocello  #24_P.m.0.3

-first saddle repair
(status: gifted)

Q4.2018 | unnamed marabunta bass  #25_P.m.0.4

-first instrument designed by the player since incorporation, first fretless bass
(status: gifted)